About Us


We at Bagmar Bauxite Industries, believe in long term business association with our customers and consider us a part of the customers organization as we pay attention to all minute details of our customer's requirements. All our products are made under stringent quality control processes. We have entrenched our position in the market as one of the leading exporters and suppliers of Raw Bauxite, Calcined Bauxite, Alum Bauxite ,Pyrophylite , Kyanite , Sillimanite , Quartz etc. all across the globe.


Quality Certification

Our commitment to quality has been our hallmark. Every product that leaves our factory premises bears the mark of world class quality. We take absolute care to ensure that the products maintain their quality and durability. We follow the most stringent quality procedures that are in compliance with international standards. We start our quality measure from very first step of manufacturing i.e. raw material so that we can avoid operational deficiency. Our entire range of products delivers benchmark quality.



The company possesses advanced machinery and equipment that are handled by experienced technicians and workers. The infrastructure is managed by a team of professionals, technocrats and mining experts. Following are our manufacturing locations.

  1. 1.Byalpur , Keskal (Chattisgarh): In the units at our above locations, we are producing Calcined Bauxite , Raw Bauxite powder , Alum Grade Bauxite ,Refractory Grade Bauxite Powder , Calcined Phyrophylite , Calcined Sillimanite.

Our Laboratory

We have installed a fully fledged laboratory for doing the various quality checks. The quality of our products is constantly monitored by our quality experts in the ever busy laboratory. All the recommended tests of our products are done at the lab on continuous basis. The raw materials procured from the best available sources undergo material testing prior to production of our finished products. We are armed with all required equipment for testing in our laboratory. We adapt new conditions and technology in the laboratory whenever required.


The company has won the confidence of countless clients worldwide with its range of products. We enjoy the dedicated patronage of our customers spread across the length and breadth of the globe.


News and Announcements

Our Daldali , Kawardha Area Mines is in operation and currently a production of 60,000 metric tonnes per annum is being carried out.